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Frame ready Paintings/Drawings of Your Tattoo:

As an additional service we are offering to do finished paintings or drawings of your tattoo idea. This helps our small business as it generates income for our artists while they are unable to tattoo at this time. Additionally, the fee partially serves as a deposit that will come off the price of your tattoo, and it gives you a finished piece of art to frame, even if the tattoo can’t be done for a few months. 

  • The price for this will depend largely on how much time will be spent on the artwork. There is so much variation in size, style and amount of detail from one design to another, having a single set price isn’t possible. A general range would be from $50-$300. 

  • Details will be discussed with your artist during the consultation. 

  • When the time comes to do the actual tattoo, at least half of the amount paid for the artwork will serve as a deposit that will come off the final price of the tattoo. 


Commissions for Original Artwork:

We will also be taking fine art commissions. As tattooers, we are working on individual commissions for designs every day. Usually the final product is the tattoo. Taking fine art commissions works very similarly. 


  • We will discuss the overall concept, the size, and the medium. 

  • Then we can discuss a price and deadline. 

  • The specific process is up to the artist. In order to get the ball rolling, there is a specific questionnaire on our website that asks you a few questions. Click Here to go to the questionnaire.

  • Once you have filled that out, your chosen artist will get back to you and work out the details. 

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