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Waivers/consent forms
Below are links to our consent/release forms. Please fill them out within 24hours of your appointment. If you don't fill them out before hand, we will ask you to fill them out at the studio. If you have any questions, please contact us:
 email info.mercurytattoo@gmail
or text: (215) 517-8833
The password for each waiver is all lowercase:
The Covid screening is a list of questions regarding your health, specifically how it pertains to COVID-19. We are trusting your honesty and your personal sense of safety. If you are unsure at all about your potential exposure and/or infection, please reschedule your appointment. 
The Tattoo Consent Form is the standard release to get tattooed at Mercury.
(Are you at least 18? Are you sober? Are you pregnant? etc.)
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